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Silver Diamond Concrete Tray

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Our concrete catchall diamond trays add a unique modern touch to your home or office. These are a great accent for indoors or outdoor spaces. All of our coasters have a lip edge to catch excess water and cork backing to protect your surfaces. The coasters are raw unsealed concrete and have a matte finish to them. These trays look great with any design style (modern farmhouse, industrial, boho, minimalist). They also make excellent wedding and housewarming gifts.

Dimensions: 4" W x 6.5"he said the first L x 0.5" H

Material: Concrete

Uses: Candle coasters, jewelry and trinket catchall, bathroom dish, mini plant stand

- Due to the handmade nature of this product, each coaster has its own unique characteristics with slight variations in color. While we try to remove all air bubbles from the concrete mixture, some bubbles may remain. These just add to the character of each individual order.
- There may be natural variation in color and texture due to the making and drying process.
- Concrete trays, while durable, can be broken during shipping. If this happens, please contact us and we'll replace them.

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