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Meet Anna

About the Artist:

anna- the artist ceo


Anna is an international photographer nearing a decade in the wedding and commercial industry and it has been her main focus.  With the art and creative knowledge from building sets and design for photoshoots, this new opportunity opened up in sharing hand-created pieces. Aurora Lane.Co started as a Covid hobby now after selling hundreds of custom decor to family and friends, we now have decided to grow our company.

Anna uses top-quality mixed media supplies such as epoxy resin, concrete, and colour pigments in creative molds and on live wood pieces, all being a one-of-a-kind creation. With the love of nature especially with the experience of exploring gorgeous scenarios throughout her lifetime, the inspiration of nature was a great influence in much of the creations into functional, multi-purpose art.  Specializing in ocean design and working with dried preserved florals, Anna’s goal is to capture the natural beauty of her surroundings and turn it into handcrafted pieces of functional art and unique home decor.






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